(General Info.)

(General Info.)



Parasite Zapper/
Colloidal Silver Generator

   One "dual purpose" electronic device enables experiments on animals involving parasites, bacteria, and viruses, including AIDS, Anthrax, Bubonic Plague, Cancers, E-bola, Fungi, HIV, Small Pox, Typhoid Fever, etc., and many other diseases. Also, colloidal silver can be made in high or low concentations for alternative experiments.
   The veterinary Zapper/Colloidal Silver Generator can be used in the field with external power options, including a small solar module.
   No published data on animal fetal safety or animals fitted with low power electric or electronic devices is available; therefore, parasite elimination experiments on pregnant animals or animals fitted with devices such as pacemakers should not be done in the ZAPPER mode.
   Colloidal silver has been used by humans to fight about 679 known pathogens and parasite conditions since pre-1938 with no toxicity and without any reported cases of agryria with silver that remains in colloidal suspension.   Notwithstanding the above, this device is for experiments with experimental animals.


Colloidal Silver mode Zapper mode


Power supplies included with basic unit

Battery.gif (1241 bytes)

Transformer.gif (2739 bytes)

9 VDC Battery

110 VAC / 12 VDC Transformer


Additionally available power supplies

Lighterplug.gif (3080 bytes)

SolarPanel.gif (5353 bytes)

12 VDC Cigarette Lighter Plug

15 VDC Solar Module